Sunday, October 4, 2009


Excellent week with one hard workout and a moderate/threshold effort. I hit 78+ miles and feel pretty good, if not a bit tired. I think that I may be getting sick so I have to get in more sleep.

Monday - 10 mi (67:00) This was a pretty easy run to make sure my legs are fresh for Wednesday's workout.

Tuesday - 11+ mi (78:00) Really easy run to shake out the legs. It felt nice to run in the 50 degree weather.

Wednesday - 10 mi () Posted here. 2.2 mi w/up, 8x800 @ marathon time w/ equal time rest [2:21 (2:22), 2:23 (2:23), 2:21 (2:34), 2:23 (2:36), 2:23 (2:38), 2:23 (2:31), 2:24 (2:35), 2:21], 2.2 mi c/dwn. It was perfect weather and this was a solid workout.

Thursday - 9 mi () This was a very easy run to shake out the legs.

  • AM - 12.5 mi (74:24) I wanted to do something that was up-tempo, but not threshold pace, today. This felt really good and I just cruised most of it.
  • PM - 5k (20ish) I rabbited Jacob's and Samuel's races again (2km and 3km).

Saturday - 8.5 mi (59:30) I was so tired today so I did a short, slow run.

Sunday - 14.25 mi (96:37) I was really tired again today so I did a steady long run. I was originally planning on doing a 5 mile threshold in the middle or end of run but I bagged it. I may be getting sick.