Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This was a pretty good week because I got over 60 miles again, had a decent threshold run and did a nice long run. The only down side was that I tweaked my calf a bit and am going to take it easy for a couple days to make sure it does not turn into anything serious. I think that it is my peroneus longus on the right leg. I can still run with no pain - it feels like a slight soreness and it is a little tender if I push on it. I will try to do my normal routine next week minus the hard run and I will probably dial back the intensity a notch.

Monday: 8.25mi (59:33) Easy run to recover.
Tuesday: 10mi (68:49) Another easy day to rest up for tomorrow.
Wednesday: 11mi - 2.2mi warm-up (15:34) with 10k threshold run (34:14) and 2.6mi cool-down (17:58). I was planning on a redux of the 8 mile threshold run I did 3-4 weeks ago to gauge how my fitness was coming along but about 5.5 miles in the tape on my left foot started bothering me. I tape my arches for a little extra support during speed workouts and my foot must have swelled during the run. I decided to cut the run short and do just 10km. It took me a little bit to get going because my hamstrings and lower back were a bit tight for the first couple miles, but I felt pretty good the last 3 miles and felt like I could have maintained 5:25-5:30 pace for the last 2 miles if my foot had cooperated. My splits were: 5:35, 5:33, 5:29, 5:26, 5:27, 5:23, 78.Last time my average was 5:39/1600m for 8mi and this time it was 5:29/1600m, but for only 10km. I felt much better after the run than last time. Last time I was a bit wiped and my cool-down was at 8min/mi pace but this time I felt great and I ran the cool-down at 6:45/mi pace. Rest up the next couple days.
Thursday: 8.3mi (59:37) Nice easy run. I landed a bit odd on my right foot about 6 miles into the run and tweaked something in the side of my calf. I think that it is right where the peroneus longus attaches on the side of the knee. I slowed a bit for the last couple of miles and it seemed fine. Ice, foam roll and use compression socks.
Friday: off to let leg rest.
Saturday: 10mi (71:00) My leg was fine for the first 7-8 miles but then I became aware of it. It does not hurt, it feels more like soreness and it is slightly tender to the touch. Ice, foam roll and use compression again.
Sunday: 16.3mi (1:51:03) I ran really early this morning to get it out of the way. My leg was fine at the start but only 2-3 miles in I could feel it. I went for a while but at 6 miles I headed back for the car. By the time I got there my leg was fine so I kept going and was able to finish the run without feeling it again. Ice and use compression after run.

Total for week: 63.85mi

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Monday: 8mi (56:16) Easy run to recover.
Tuesday: 10.5mi (70:03) This was a moderate run and it was nice running in the cold rain!
Wednesday: 10.1mi (65:39) I did a hill workout today w/ 6x0.3mi long hill and a mile @ threshold pace (5:38) right afterwards to clear the lactic acid. Felt good.
Thursday: 8.1mi (56:25) Easy recovery run w/ 4 5-8 second full speed surges on hills and a 200m acceleration at the end.
Friday: 10.5mi (66:43) Felt pretty good today so I wanted to let it rip a bit, especially since I am taking tomorrow off. I started out at 7min/mi pace and gradually dropped it down to 6min/mi at the end.
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 16mi (107:09) I was originally going to do an 8 mile warm-up and then go right into a 6 mile threshold run. However, I was not really feeling great today and decided to bail. I also have not officially started my training macrocycle yet for the spring and need a few more mesocycles (4 week periodization) in me before I really ramp up the volume and intensity together. I ran about 7min/mi for the first 8 miles and then dropped to 6:30min/mi pace for the next 7 miles and finished with a 6 minute mile and a long acceleration.

Total for week: 63.2mi


This was my easy week and I took full advantage of it. I was really tired at the end of last week and my foot was bothering me so I only ran four days this week.

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 6.2mi (42:09) Felt a lot better than expected.
Wednesday: 8.3mi (57:44) Foot bothered me.
Thursday: 0
Friday: 0
Saturday: 5.2mi (36:05)
Sunday: 12mi (79:12) I felt good and just cruised at 6:15-6:30 pace for the last 8-10 miles.

Total for week: 31.7mi

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The theme for the week was fatigue. I was exhausted early in the week from my long run last Sunday and then later in the week from my Wednesday workout. I cut my long run a bit short because I was  looking forward to the easy week next week and it was just not happening. I am doing 4 week cycles, cutting my mileage 25-30% on the fourth week of each cycle, and next week is my easy week.

Monday: 8.1mi (58:38) Tired
Tuesday: 10.2mi (72:00) Still pretty tired.
Wednesday: 12.5mi - 2.1mi warm-up (15:28), 8.3mi of 4x2mi w/ 1 minute rest (48:39), 2.1mi cool-down (16:13). I wanted to mix things up a bit from last week and go a little faster so I did long intervals on the road. I almost punted the workout because I was so tired but I could not do it on Thursday or Friday.  Splits and rests were:
5:43, 11:28 (5:45)
rest - 1:18
5:26, 11:05 (5:39)
rest - 1:09
5:26, 11:01 (5:35)
rest - 1:05
5:30, 11:11 (5:41)
This was a bit harder and my times were more erratic than last week but I think that is because I was tired and there was less feedback on the 2 mile loop than on the track. The first mile was slightly downhill and the second mile was slightly uphill. Overall a good workout but very tiring.
Thursday: 8.1mi (57:16)
Friday: 8.3mi (60:18)
Saturday: 3mi (22:24)
Sunday: 12.1mi (86:06) I did not feel good and at 6 miles I tweaked the ball of my left foot so I cut it short. Really looking forward to next week to get some rest.

Total for week: 62.3mi