Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This is a double post because I did not get around to posting a week ago. Last week is at the top and the previous week is at the bottom. I really struggled for a week or so and my runs did not feel normal. In fact, most of them felt downright awful. I must have been fighting something off and I was not getting enough sleep. Thankfully, that passed in time to get in some decent runs this past weekend. I got my mileage back up to 70+ after a planned easy week, which I probably took a bit too easy.

Monday: 10mi (1:07:56) Easy recovery run.
Tuesday: AM - 3mi (21:21)
PM - 6.2mi (41:44)
Wednesday: AM - 5mi (35:08)
PM - 7.5mi (50:43)
Thursday: AM - 4mi (29:14)
PM - 8.1 (56:16)
Friday: 8mi (55:39)
Saturday: 8mi (53:07) Easy run - finally starting to feel better and run normal.
Sunday: 13.5mi () 5 mile warm-up (34:07) + 3x2mile on track w/ 1-2 minutes of rest and 2 mile cooldown. The repeats and rests were 10:52 (5:27/5:25), 1:30, 10:44 (5:20/5:24), 2:10, 10:47 (5:22/5:25). Felt good to go fast and open things up a bit. Need a lot of work though.

Total for week: 73 miles

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 6.2mi (43:14)
Wednesday: 0
Thursday: 8mi (54:20)
Friday: 6mi (44:23)
Saturday: 5.2mi (35:49)
Sunday: 13mi (1:34:42) Slow awful run. The only good thing about this run is that I was exploring the Westborough, MA WMA. Pretty nice trails that lead to the Westborough Charm Bracelet trails.

Total for week: 38 miles

Sunday, November 3, 2013


This was a pretty good week with 71 total miles and two workouts (one being the long run). I backed off doing two workouts during the week because I got too tired and felt like I would end up injured. This is the most miles I have done in a while and there was a fair amount of quality so I will take an easy week next week and back off to one workout and only 40-50 miles.

Monday: 6.2mi (43:40) Easy recovery run.
Tuesday: AM - 3.3mi (24:26)
PM - 8.1mi (53:33)
Wednesday: AM - 3.3mi (24:07)
PM - 8mi (50:43) Medium hill fartlek followed by hard mile (5:13). Decent effort.
Thursday: 10mi (1:06:51) Moderate shake out run.
Friday: AM - 3.3mi (24:06)
PM - 6.2mi (43:43) Easy recovery run.
Saturday: 5.2mi (34:46)
Sunday: 17mi (1:47:43) It was supposed to be a progression run but I started unusually fast at 6:45 pace and did not run slower than 6:30 after that. Overall, a great run but I started to rig a bit in the last mile because the last half was into the wind and I did not take any water or nutrition on the run.

Total for week: 71 miles