Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Pretty awful week. I got sick, missed the workout and then pretty much missed Friday too. Only 43.5 miles.

Monday: 6mi (44:42) - Really easy run to recover from yesterday's run. I am really tired.
Tuesday: 10mi (69:40) The humidity did a number on me today. I think that I need a lot more sleep.
Wednesday: 0 - I was really sick.
Thursday: 6mi (43:04) Felt alright but still feel off.
Friday: 3mi (22:48) Feeling sick again and bailed after an awful start to the run.
Saturday: 10mi (68:52)
Sunday: 8.5mi (61:00)

Completed: 43.5 miles

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I did not run as many days as I wanted, but the total mileage was pretty good. Things seem like they are coming around and I am starting to feel like a runner again. I am trying to find a good first race and it is looking like it will be the Rhody 5k on June 5th. The down side is that the Hollis Fast 5k is the following Thursday and I am considering running the USATFNE 10k race on the 12th. It always seems like I never race then all the races I want to do are bunched together. I am definitely doing the Rhody 5k and the Hollis 5k. After that, I will have to see how I feel and go from there. I would kind of like to get in a "rust-buster" between now and June 5th.

: 0 - No time to run due to work and family.
Tuesday: 10mi (68:30) Easy run.
Wednesday: 9.25 () A bit short of 3mi warmup (19:57), 3x(2x400m+800m) with half rest and 2.2mi cool-down. Times were 74 (84), 72 (88), 2:25 (2:51), 71 (89), 70 (91), 2:25 (2:53), 72 (87), 71 (106), 2:27. I tried to ease into it and then average 72-73 / 400m for the entire workout which I was able to do, except for the last 800m. On the last 800m I went through halfway in 74 high and was able to make up for it. I was pretty tired at the end but this was a really good workout. The speed was not an issue, it was purely the recovery between sets. This should get better as I get more miles in. I may look for a low key 5km this weekend to find out where I really am fitness wise.
Thursday: 8.25mi (59:25) Easy recovery run. I felt much better than last Thursday.
Friday: 7.75mi (52:37) I did a long hill workout today with 4 repeats up a 1/4mi+ long hill. I felt really good at the beginning of the run and probably started out too quick. By the mid-point of the second repeat I was really working hard and was totally spent by the end of the workout. After the hill repeats I tried to do a hard mile on the way back home but only got 0.6mi in and had to shut things down because I was struggling so much. My legs felt fine, it was purely my lungs, which just shows the lack of miles. Really take it easy tomorrow.
Saturday: 0 - Intended to run but we put the garden in today and it took A LOT longer than expected.
Sunday: 16.2 (1:48:54) I was at Milford High School watching my son Samuel compete in his first track meet and ran home after the meet. I started on Rt13 and jumped over to Federal Hill Road all the way back to Hollis where I took Rt122 and Depot Road back. I have never run on Federal Hill Road before but that Federal Hill is one big-ass hill. The views are amazing from up there and I was actually glad that I hit all the hills. I have been working on hills for a while and I felt pretty good.

I also took a bunch of photos of the track meet today. I tried to take pictures of all the kids I knew but I also had to chase my one year old son around so I missed a lot. I need some more practice at shooting track meets because a lot of the photos are out of focus. My excuse is that it was pretty over-cast...


Completed: ~51.5 miles on just 5 days of running.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been gradually building my mileage since January and started doing track workouts in early April. I figured that it is about time that I start updating my blog again.

Monday: 6mi

Tuesday: 8mi


AM - 10mi on the bike to warm up my hip and 15 minutes with the foam roller.
PM - 8.5mi () 2.2 mile warm-up followed by 5x1000 w/ 400m rest @5k pace. Finished with a 2+ mile cooldown. Times were 3:10 (2:55), 3:10 (2:51), 3:08 (2:50), 3:05 (3:08) 3:01. I felt good and in control the whole time.

Thursday: 7.5mi - my legs are dead today. Only ran 7:25 pace.

Friday: 8mi - I still feel really tired and only managed 7:19 pace and it was not easy.

Saturday: 16mi - Decided to get in my long run today because I was on a mini vacation in Newport RI and I love running along the ocean. It was about 50 degrees and I ran along Ocean Ave (right along the water the whole time). I felt great and averaged about 6:30 pace the whole way.

Sunday: Off.

Completed: 54 miles