Sunday, November 20, 2011


Not a bad week but I am feeling a little banged up. I am going to back off the mileage this next week and put some time in on the bike (yippee).

Monday: 8.1mi (55:46)
Tuesday: 10mi (62:30) 32:15 @ 5mi and 30:15 last 5mi
Wednesday: 10.8mi (74:50) Recovery run.
Thursday: 8.2mi (57:04) Easy run.
Friday: 10mi (67:43)
Saturday: 0 - feeling beat up a bit.
Sunday: 16mi (110:58) Felt like garbage for first 10 miles (71+ minutes) but then rolled 6:30 pace for the last 6 miles.

total: 63.1 miles

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Catching Up

I have been running but I have not been writing anything on my blog lately for some reason. I guess that I have been caught up with trying to run and balance everything else in life and something, being this blog, had to slip through the cracks.

I was planning on running some cross country races and maybe jump into half this fall but, as usual, injury kept me on the sidelines. This was the first time in a year that I missed time to injury and it was actually due to an "equipment failure". About a month ago I felt like my shoes were getting to the end of their life and I needed to replace them to be safe. I sucked up the cost and forked over 100 clams for a new pair of the Adidas Adizero Aegis, my favorite training shoe. I have not run in them for a while because I can not justify the cost so this was the first time I ran in the new version. Apparently Adidas changed the design of the heel and, long story short, this caused my calf to blow up and I missed a week of running.

It is amazing how much fitness I lost in that week off so I have been working on getting fit and building my base for the last month or so. I hope to do a little racing (Mill Cities Relay) this fall with a focus on the indoor and spring track seasons. I would really like to go sub-15 in the 5k and sub-4 in the 1500m. I also want to pop a fast time at the New Bedford Half next year, assuming that it is still part of the Grand Prix Series.

Here is a brief recap of the last couple of weeks:

Monday: 8.2mi (57:31)
Tuesday: 10mi (69:01)
Wednesday: 10.8mi (74:38)
Thursday: 10mi (67:57)
Friday: 8.1mi (55:07)
Saturday: 0
Sunday: 16mi (107:50) Ran first 8mi in 55:25 and second 8mi in 52:25
total: 63.1 miles

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 6mi (43:36)
Wednesday: 8.4mi (56:46)
Thursday: 8.1mi (55:14)
Friday: 8.1mi (54:23)
Saturday: 0
Sunday: 13.2mi (89:39)
total: 43.8 miles

Monday: 3mi (19:13)
Tuesday: 6mi (39:49)
Wednesday: 0
Thursday: 6mi (NT)
Friday: 10mi (65:14)
Saturday: 10.7mi (75:05)
Sunday: 0
total: 35.7 miles