Monday, October 29, 2012


I have had a rough year running-wise but have finally been able to string together a couple weeks of reasonable running. This is my first week over 60 miles (I have been @ 56-58 the last 4 weeks) and I did my first workout this week so I figured I would start blogging again.

Monday: 8.1mi (?) No watch
Tuesday: 10.2mi (70:39)
Wednesday: 12mi - 2.2mi warm-up (15:42), 8mi threshold run (45:09), 2mi cooldown (16:33). This is the first workout with a warm-up I have done in about a year. I have been doing 10 mile progression runs once per week where I get down to 5:50 or 6 minute pace at the end, but I wanted to do something a bit quicker. I did it on the track just so I could get the pace down but will move back to the roads in the future. I pretty much hit 5:40, or a little quicker, each mile and did 12.8km (8x1600m) in 45:09 (5:40 pace would be 45:20). The effort was pretty easy, especially the first 4-5 miles, and the biggest challenge was overcoming boredom.
Thursday: 8.1mi (59:11)
Friday: 10.1mi (71:58)
Saturday: 0
Sunday: 17mi (115:52) I averaged 7min/mi for the first 10mi and then dropped to sub-6:30/mi pace for the last 6-7 miles. Felt good but need to rest up.

Total for week: 65.4mi