Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Monday: 0 - sick
Tuesday: 0 - sick
Wednesday: 0 - sick

Completed: 0mi + 0mi cycling
Plan Total: 30mi + 100mi cycling (need to adjust for being sick)

Shoe Mileage - Aegis: 35.75, Tempo: 20

Monday, October 18, 2010


  • AM: 3mi (21:30) Easy run after lifting.
  • PM: 20 miles on the bike.
  • AM: 20 miles on the bike
  • PM: 3mi+ (22:30) Easy run.
Wednesday: Brick - 20 miles on the bike + 4mi (28:03)
  • AM: 20 miles on the bike
  • PM: 4.25mi (30:32) + lifting. 3x15 (squat, leg extensions, hamstring curls, bench, lat pulldown, military press) + 3x10 1-legged squat (pretty darn hard).
Friday: 6mi (43:52) I did not really feel like cycling today so I ran a bit further. Man, it is really cold outside. I had to run with a hat and gloves. 3x10 1-legged squats + core work and stretching.
Saturday: Brick - 10 miles on the bike + 4mi (30:00) I did not have much energy today.
Sunday: 0 - sick

Completed: 24.25mi + 90mi cycling
Plan Total: 30mi + 100mi cycling

Shoe Mileage - Aegis: 35.75, Tempo: 20

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am back from an easy week but I will probably not hit the same running mileage I was doing two weeks ago. I am going to continue riding 3-4 days per week to give my legs a break from the pounding but still get in the cardio work and possibly some more leg strength. I am also hitting the weights a bit harder for the next month or so. I will do a separate post about that latter this week.

Monday: 20 miles on the bike.
  • AM - 20 miles on the bike.
  • PM - 3mi (20:40) Easy run after lifting.
  • AM - 4mi (27:48) This was an easy morning run to shake out the legs. Quicker than I expected.
  • PM - 9mi () 2.2 mile warm-up (16:03) followed by 4x1600 w/ 400m rest @10k pace. Finished with a 2+ mile cooldown (17:11). I did the first repeat alone and then ran with Joe Rogers for the next three. He had a great workout and actually forced me to run the workout quicker than I originally planned because he was cruising tonight. Times and rests were: 5:15 (2:10), 5:19 (2:28), 5:10 (2:31), 5:07. I was cruising for the first two, felt comfortable hard on the third and had to work pretty hard on the fourth one. Good workout. I will probably just ride tomorrow with a short run.
Thursday: 10 miles on the bike and lifting. I was going to ride 60-90 minutes tonight but I think that I am going to take my day off today. My 9 month old son is sick and I got no sleep last night.
Friday: 25 miles on the bike.
Saturday: 20 miles on the bike + 3 miles running.
Sunday: 30 miles on the bike.

Completed: 19mi + 125mi cycling
Plan Total: 50-60mi + 60mi cycling

Shoe Mileage - Aegis: 24.5, Tempo: 7

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have been ramping my mileage for about 5 or 6 weeks so far and even though my mileage is not too high (60ish/week), I can feel the stress of increasing mileage on my body. I am starting to feel a bit tired and my right IT band/knee are acting up a bit. I am going to take a really easy this week and cut my mileage to around 40 miles but add in some cycling to keep working on my cardio. I also trashed my old shoes and got two new pairs to help out.

I did not get near what I wanted with only 20 miles of running and 70 miles on the bike, but it was an easy week. This is roughly 40-45 total equivalent miles.

  • AM: 3mi (21+) Easy run and then lifting.
  • PM: 30 miles on the bike (90+ minutes) Easy ride.
Tuesday: 5.1mi (37+) Easy run. I was going to ride too but I was really tired.
Wednesday: 9.5mi - 3mi warm-up, 4x1600 w/200m rest @ HM pace and 2.2 mile cool down. I really wanted to take it easy tonight because my right IT band is acting up a bit and I am taking a real easy week but I kept the rest real short and sweet. 5:57 (1:09), 5:50 (1:06), 5:42 (1:10), 5:30. I ran 85's for the first 3 laps of the last one and then let it out a little and closed in a 75. The workout was pretty easy but it felt good and my IT band did not bother me at all.
Thursday: 20 miles on the bike.
Friday: 20 miles on the bike (60 minutes) + paces elementary 2km and 3km races (~20 minutes).
Saturday: 0
Sunday: 0

Completed: 20.7mi + 70mi cycling
Plan Total: 40mi + 60mi cycling

Shoe Mileage - Aegis: 9.5, Tempo: 3

New Gear

It is time again to get some new kicks because the old ones have served far beyond their intended tenure. I included a photo of the carnage below. I have been running in a mix of five different shoes: Asics DS-Trainer 11, Asics Gel-3000, NB 904, Nike LunarElite and Nike LunarGlides. I have mixed feelings about each of these shoes but they have served me pretty well for the last couple of months.

I have been a long-time Asics fan, particularly the DS-trainer, but I am so frustrated that they completely change the shoe every year. Some years the shoe feels like a light-weight trainer and other years it feels like a stability shoe. Some years it is too wide, other years it is too narrow. Over the last several years I have been as small as a size 11.5 and as large as a 14 when I am really a 12.5. I also tried the Nike Lunar shoes and they are alright but the heel counter irritates my achilles so those are out. The NB are way too soft.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Monday: 8mi (58:30) Really easy. I felt like crap again today.
Tuesday: 10mi (71:19) Not great, but much better than the last two days.
  • AM - 4mi (28:39) I felt much better this morning. Just a shake out.
  • PM - 10mi () 3 mile warm-up, 8x800m @ marathon time (about half marathon pace) w/ 400m rest. I think this is basically an aerobic power workout. I hit times of 2:42 (2:14), 2:42 (2:17), 2:44 (2:09), 2:40 (2:10), 2:42 (2:21), 2:43 (2:12), 2:40 (2:18), 2:36. I felt good on the workout and it was not too difficult but it was soooo humid tonight so I sweat a ton. It was a little bit challenging to get air. I only did a 1 mile cool-down in like 8:30 because I was pretty tired. I tried to do 4x100 barefoot strides on the grass but that did not go great either. I am currently taking an ice bath from my knees down and will take it really easy tomorrow.
Thursday: 6mi (46:39) Really slow today, but it was intentional. I need the rest. This humidity is ridiculous - I thought we were heading for fall. My feet felt much better after the ice bath last night so I will do that again tonight.
Friday: 0 - I moved my off day to today because the weather sucked and this weekend should be amazing running weather.
Saturday: 10mi (62:10) This was such a great run. I felt good from the get-go and just cruised along enjoying the great fall weather. I was supposed to be at 6:30 pace but I was running 6:15's without much effort and finished with a 5:40. Easy and long tomorrow.
Sunday: 14.5mi (1:43+) I felt better than last Sunday but I was pretty tired today and never really got into much of a groove. It is unfortunate because the weather was so nice - I really wanted to have a good run today. Oh well, I got the miles in.

Completed: 62.5mi
Plan Total: 60-65mi