Monday, July 25, 2011


  • AM: 70 minutes on the bike. Boring!
  • PM:
  • AM:
  • PM:
  • AM:
  • PM:
  • AM:
  • PM:
  • AM:
  • PM:

Completed: 20 miles on the bike

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Monday: Off to recover from the 'race' yesterday.
  • AM: 10mi (71:22) Horrible start but it got much better at end.
  • PM: 5.2mi (34:46) I felt great tonight. It is sad that the last three miles of this run were faster than the last three miles of my race two days ago.
  • AM: 5.8mi (41:48) Easy run.
  • PM: 10mi (70:04) Felt good for the first half but really slowed in the last half due to hydration issues. I am really tired of this hot, humid weather...
  • AM: 5mi (37:47) Holy crap, that run sucked! I was supposed to go 10 miles but I was dying running 7:30 pace and had to bail. It is only 75 degrees but the dew point is 69. I think that I am going to ride for the next couple runs because I can not take these beatings any more.
  • PM: Bagged the workout because I am just toast.
Friday: 70 minutes on the bike/trainer. I could not deal with the heat today.
  • AM: 75 minutes on the bike/trainer.
  • PM: 5.2mi (36:45) First run in a while since it cooled off to 90 degrees with a dew point of 65 degrees. I felt good but felt a twinge in my lateral calf (peroneus longus?). I am going to ice and use the foam roller.
Sunday: 75 minutes on the bike/trainer again but today it was because of my calf. I am going to take it pretty cautiously because I do not want any setbacks. My calf is a bit tender but I am icing and rolling 3-4 times per day and using advil.

Completed: 41.2 miles running and about 73 miles on the bike.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This was a short week to rest up from the last 4 weeks and because we have family staying at our house all week and I will just not get the chance to run as much as I should. I had one decent workout and one of the worst races in my life. I am going to try to forget this week....

: 10mi (71:20)
Tuesday: 6mi (43:21)
Wednesday: 8mi () 2.2mi warm-up (15:14), full-speed 200m, 4x800 @ 10k pace, 4x400 @ 5k pace and wrap up with another full-speed 200m. All rests were 1/4 distance and 1/2 distance between sets. Times were 28.0 (69), 2:39 (66), 2:38 (80), 2:35 (72), 2:32 (2:22), 73 (62), 75 (60), 73 (66), 72 (1:50), 28.8. I was a bit surprised that I was able to run the 200's so fast - that is the fastest I have run in a long time. The rest of the workout was alright given the heat and humidity.
Thursday: 8.4mi (60:41)
Friday: 8mi (57:00) Finished with 6x100m strides.
Saturday: 5.3mi (36:28) Felt good for race tomorrow.
Sunday: 11.5mi () 2.5 mile warm-up, Stowe 8 Mile race (46:40) and only managed to do a 1 mile cool down. I can wrap up the entire day with one work - BOLLOCKS!!! I was hoping to finally get in a good race but I do not run well in the morning, in the heat or in humidity. This was a perfect storm to kick my ass. Knowing this I went out conservatively with a goal of 5:30 pace and felt pretty good through the first 3-4 miles. I even started to push the first of the climb at around mile 4+ but as soon as I turned onto the dirt road I was in survival mode and my race was done. I probably lost a good 6-7 pounds on the run and was severely dehydrated the last half of the race. In the last mile both my arms and legs started cramping up and I could not even thing of pushing. I lost count but I think a good 10 people passed me in the last mile. My splits were:
1. 5:43 (long)
2. 10:55 5:12 (short)
3. ? ? (missed the three mile split)
4. 22:06 ? <- Right on pace for 5:30 goal pace
5. 27:48 5:41
6. 33:57 6:09
7. 39:55 5:58
8. 46:40 6:45 <- This is not a typo!

I was so dead after the race I tried to crawl through a mile cool down with little success. My legs cramped up for the next two days after this.

At the finish. Photo is from KrissyK's collection (DoubleJ's wife).

Completed: 57.2 miles

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It took me a while to get back to posting but I got 70.6 miles in 5 days (9 runs). I went on a big camping trip with my two older boys, all of my siblings and my dad on Saturday and Sunday so I knew I was not going to get a chance to run on the weekend. Good week - rest next week.

  • AM: 10mi (72:20) Easy run early to avoid heat. I was going to race this morning but I was too sore from the down hill mile race yesterday so I canned that idea.
  • PM: 5.2mi (35:37)
  • AM: 10mi (71:19) Easy recovery run early in the morning.
  • PM: 5.1mi (36:27) Waited till almost 7pm when it cooled off. Mine Falls park.
  • AM: 5.2mi (37:45) Ran this morning banking on doing workout tonight despite heat/humidity.
  • PM: 8mi () 2.2mi warmup (15:25), 6x600 w/ 200m rest and 2.2mi cool down. It was freaking hot but times were 1:49 (1:25), 1:51 (1:31), 1:49 (1:32), 1:47 (1:44), 1:48 (1:55), 1:44.
  • AM: 5.2mi (36:10)
  • PM: 12.1mi (85:02) Really suffered from the heat.
  • AM: 10mi (72:48)
  • PM: 0
Saturday: 0

Sunday: 0

Completed: 70.6 miles