Sunday, February 1, 2009


I came across the picture to the left when I was cleaning out my laptop. Man, that was a long time ago - it was the 1000m preliminaries of the 1995 indoor Division III New England Championships. I ran 2:38.15 to qualify and ran 2:29.95 (second place was 2:29.96) in the final to win by a hair. It was probably the closest race I have ever run. Man, I was thin back then.

Also, I finally figured out how to get a basic Java based calculator to work for the Daniels treadmill incline conversion for effective pace. You can find it in the right-hand column. I will enhance it when I get time to give more information, to allow pace as an input and provide pace as an additional output. I may also modify it so that it returns the effective pace for other treadmill inclines greater than and less than the desired input (basically a table output). Try it out and let me know what you think.

It is hard to believe that it is already February. Man, time flies. This was a much better week than last week since I hit about 74 miles and got in two good, hard efforts. I am getting really tired of the cold, ice and snow. We had maybe 2-3 days above freezing in the last 2-3 weeks, a couple feet of snow and 3 ice storms. The ice is the worst because it is so treacherous running outside that I have to do most of my running on the treadmill.

  • AM - 7 mi (5:45) Yeah, it was really slow. I did not think that I could run this slow but I think that I am fighting something. I also only got 6 hours of sleep last night.
  • PM - 4 mi (30:25) Yeah, slow again. Just plugging along putting in the mileage.
Tuesday: 8+ mi (56ish) This was supposed to be an easy run but I think it was close to 8.5mi and probably closer to 55 minutes. Felt good but wanted to rest for tomorrow's workout.

  • AM - 3 mi (22:50) Real slow and easy.
  • PM - 9 mi (63:00) I did a slow 2mi warm up and 2 mi cool down along with a 5mi steady-state run. I tried to do the SS run at 9.4mph/3% incline, which is equivalent to 5:58 pace, but it was just way too hard for me. I backed off to 9.1mph/3% incline, which is equivalent to 6:10 pace, and this was much better. Near the end I was starting to hurt so I ran the last 1.25 miles at 10mph/1% incline and this was the easiest, by far. I am not sure how to interpret this: either Daniels' charts are off or I suck at hills. I am going with the later and figure that this is an opportunity for me to work on a weakness. I will continue to run my SS runs at an incline between 3-5%.
Thursday: 9 mi (69:40) Yes, this was a really slow run, but I just wanted to make sure that I am recovered for the hill fartlek that I am going to run tomorrow. I started out at 8min/mi pace and worked down to 7:30 pace. My right hip flexor was a bit tender so I will have to keep an eye on that.

  • AM - 3 mi (22:35) Real slow again just to make sure that I have a good workout this afternoon.
  • PM - 10 mi (72:30) I ran a 3 mile warm-up, 5 mile workout and 2 mile cool-down. The warm-up and cool-down were run at 7:00-8:00 min/mile pace. I did the hill fartlek at a constant pace (8.5 mph / 7:03 pace) and alternated 1/4 @ 1% incline and 1/4 mile at an increased incline. I started at 3.5% incline and increased 0.5% each time to finish at 8% incline for the final bout. The following table shows the incline and equivalent pace for each section along with a comment about how difficult each session was. I added the comment before I calculated the equivalent pace.
BoutInclineEffective PaceComment
108.0%4:47Glad I only had to do one

This may be the last time I use tables - I can not figure out why there is a huge space before the table and it does not show up in the page preview or the HTML code. Hmmmm....

Update: As I said, I figured out a hack to get rid of the space but am not happy with it. I have to do a bit of post processing of the HTML code and I have higher expectations of Google.

Saturday: 8.5 mi (56ish) This was a nice and easy run just to recover from yesterday. I was trying to run really easy so I am surprised that it was sub 7min/mi pace.

Sunday: 12.4 mi (1:28ish) I was lazy and just ran the same route as last weekend. This winter is dragging on too long because it was 15 degrees and I did not think that it was too cold. Easy pace and I felt pretty good.

Next week should be pretty similar to this one - I will probably hit between 75 and 80 miles, get in a 7 mile steady-state run and probably try to fit in 1-2 hill fartleks.

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Irfan said...

Nice work on Daniels' treadmill calculator. I've been look for this one as the chart in Daniel's book is not very useful. One thing I have noticed is that in Daniels' charts increasing the inclines have a huge impact on effective speed. Not so much in case of other calculators.

You've mentioned in your last blog that you didn't use heart rate monitor. Try using heart rate monitor and compare if the effective speed is comparable on various inclines. For me increasing incline is not as hard as increasing the speed and to me Daniels' calculator doesn't seem to accurate on high inclines but i think if you test it based on your HR you'll get get a better result. The results of the calculator are somewhat conservative if you compare it with Daniels' tables they are off by 8-10 seconds which make quite a bit of difference.
Anyways best of luck for your dream of qualifying for Olympic trials.