Tuesday, May 5, 2009

IE Fix (finally)

I heard from several people that my blog does not work with IE but I did not know because I try not to use Microsoft products. I know that the site always works with Firefox and I have tested it with Chrome. Well, after quite a bit of time trying different templates, iteratively removing each widget and module on the blog and modifying the formatting, pictures and links I was finally able to get it to work with IE. I used the Developer Tools (hit F12 in IE) and first tried sending the page to W3.org for validation. There were 735 errors on the page so figured that I had to find a better way around the problem. The next thing I tried was disabling scripts in IE. When I loaded my blog in IE this time it did not hang but I noticed that my weekly mileage graph was not updating and when I enabled scripts the graph populated but IE hung. Bingo! This solved my dilemma about which graph style to use - I could not decide between the basic graph I had and the fancy Google widget that allows zooming and panning across different dates. I figured that the fancier plot with all the bells and whistles would cause problems but it was the other way around. So, issue closed.

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