Friday, July 3, 2009


I was really beat about posting last weeks training but I was on vacation with the family in DC and had a hard time getting caught back up with things, actually training and posting about it. The week was very tiring and included over 1000 miles or driving, 68 miles or running and no biking.

Monday: 8 mi (56:17) Really easy run. Nothing special.

Tuesday: 9 mi (62:05) Moderately easy run at work.

  • AM - 5.2 mi (36:43) Easy morning run to shake out the legs.
  • PM - 14 mi () This was a very interesting workout. I was supposed to do 4x1600m @ 5k pace so I did a 7.5 mile threshold (3x2.5mi loop) run before the workout so that I would be tired when I started. It was pretty humid, but I felt good the whole way - loop 1 in 15:26, (6:10 pace) loop 2 in 14:19 (5:44 pace) and loop 3 in 14:22 (5:44 pace). When I got back to the track Nate Jenkins, Ruben Sanca and Rex (a UML runner) were at the track getting ready to do a 10k tempo run @ marathon pace (3:20/km). I am not sure how it happened, but I ended up running the workout with them. The pace was no problem and I just tagged along at the back, but I was getting pretty dehydrated and my calves started to cramp up. I stuck it out for 5km splitting 5:21, 10:41 (5:20), 16:00 (5:19), 16:40 and then dropped out. I wish that I had not done the threshold run before because I could have run that easily, but it was still a good workout. Finished with a 3.5 mi cooldown.
Thursday: Off because I was driving to DC all day.

Friday: 12 mi (85ish) I was lucky to find a greenbelt in Fairfax, VA to run on. It was really hot and humid and I had to run early in the morning, but at least I got to run.

Saturday: 10 mi (72:24) My feet and legs are killing me because of all the walking through DC so I slogged through this run in the heat and humidity. It is like 90 degrees and 90+ % humidity.

Sunday: 10 mi (70:33) I felt a little better today but my feet and legs are getting tired. This will be the last run in VA before heading home.

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