Friday, July 3, 2009


I had to get back into the swing of things so I went back to doubles all week and really pumped up the mileage. I had to skip my run on Monday but was still able to hit 91.4 miles in 6 days of running with 2 workouts and one long run. I am actually feeling really good and do not feel tired. I am getting a good amount of sleep (8-10 hours/night), taking multivitamins, glucosamine and chondroitin and using Accelerade before hard runs and long runs and Endurox R4 after these runs. I bit the bullet and paid the money for this stuff even though I am not 100% sure that it does anything. Actually, the glucosamine and chondroitin definitely makes a difference with my knee. I have not had any pain in my knee (torn medial meniscus) but forgot to take my glucosamine and chondroitin with me on my trip to DC. After 5 days without it my knee was starting to act up. I immediately started taking it again when I got home and after just 5 days my knee is better again. I think that the Endurox helps me recover faster after hard runs and long runs, but the verdict is still out.

Monday: Off because I was driving home from DC.

  • AM - 10 mi (72:09) Easy run at work.
  • PM - 6 mi (42:16) I stopped at the Groton Town Forest for an easy run. I have to get back there because it is awesome. I did not explore much because it was late and I did not have a map.
  • AM - 5.2 mi (37:21) Easy run before workout.
  • PM - 11 mi (74ish) 3 mi w/up, 3.5 mi run w/ 5xhill repeat, 2mi @ 5k pace and then 2.5 mi cool down. The hills, about 250-300m, were not that hard but I had a tough time with the 2 mile on the track. I split the first mile in 5:00.6 and then started to slow a bit on the second mile and finished in 10:06.4 (5:05.8). The air was really thick and the track was like a sponge from all the rain. Easy cool down at the end.
  • AM - 5.2 mi (40:08) Really easy run this morning. I am really beat.
  • PM - 12 mi (1:24:29) I got back to the Groton Town Forest but had a map so I was a little more secure exploring even though I started late again. I felt much better than this morning but still took it pretty easy.
Friday: 10 mi (64:16) I started this run out pretty easy and progressively built it up to threshold pace near the end. I felt pretty good but it was really humid again. It was the first day without rain in about 2 weeks.

Saturday: 17 equivalent miles - I did a super-workout because I did not want to run twice today. I rode 21+ miles up through the Hollis Half Marathon course and then ran 10 miles when I got home. The ride showed that I have not been on the bike in a while and it was by far my worst ride this year. I could only manage 18.8 mph for an average (1:06:50) and the hills completely hammered my legs. The run went much better - I did the same course (10mi in 67:15) as yesterday with a little bit added on and averaged close to 6:45 pace.

Sunday: 15 mi (1:42:37) An easy long run. I did not want to go more than 15 miles because I have to have something to build to and I have been putting a lot of miles on my legs this past week. I started out slow but I ended the run at 6:30-6:40 min/mile pace and it still felt easy. Good week.

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by7 said...

If I can offer my take on the stuff:
- Glucosamin: definitely effective, worth the money.
- Recovery drink: probably a good mix of protein powder with some high carb food could do the same.
Or the old-style milk with cereals...
and the price of the Endurox is outrageous...
- Carbs during long run: a non-brain.. it makes a huge difference