Sunday, March 28, 2010


Not a bad week overall. My goal going into the week was to run 30-40 miles and cycle 225-250 miles and I ended the week with 32 running miles, in 5 runs, and 260 cycling miles, in 11 rides. That sounds like a lot of rides but I can not sit on the bike for more than 90 minutes at a time or I go crazy (I'm on the trainer) and my backside starts to hurt. I am still getting used to the saddle. Even though my running miles were a bit on the low side, I am pleased with the progress I have been making because I got my longest run up to 8 miles for the first time since November. I feel like I need to get my run up faster though because my legs are definitely starting to change from all the cycling and they are not really feeling like running legs any more. It is helping on the bike because my legs do not hurt all the time while riding, but they are feeling a bit bulky for running now and I did not start out with small legs.

Today I spent some time getting the Kuota Kalibur set up to ride, adjusting the cables and putting on new tires and brake pads so that I could start using it. I did my first ride on it tonight and man, what a difference from my old bike. I am still getting used to the aero position and have to do some tweaking to my position, but the difference between the Campy Record and my 15 year old Shimano Ultegra is like night and day. The Campy is sooo smooth and I can ride much faster with less effort. The last thing I have to do is get some new pedals like the Looks. I have the old Shimano SPD pedals that are very narrow and I always feel like I am falling off the sides of them.

Monday: bike - 30 (AM), 20 (PM), run - 6
Tuesday: bike - 25 (AM), 20 (PM), run - 6
Wednesday: bike - 30 (AM), 20 (PM)
Thursday: bike - 20, run - 6 (44:05)
Friday: bike - 20 (AM), 30 (PM)
Saturday: bike - 20, run - 6 (44:33)
Sunday: bike - 20, run - 8 (56:59)

The goal for next week is to hit close to 40 miles for running and 250-300 for cycling. I would like to level off at 50-60 for running and 300ish for cycling and hold that for 2-3 months to build a solid base. I will then look at adding speed work and hills to both.


by7 said...

Man... you a monster... 250 Miles on a trainer...

but how did you do a triple session in a day ? (2 bike + 1 run...)

Ethan Crain said...

I get up between 5-5:30AM and get in one session on the bike so I am done when the kids get up, run during lunch at work and then get another bike session in at about 9PM after the kids go to bed. I usually only get about 6 hours of sleep those nights and don't have much time for anything else those days but it is not too bad.

I did my first 40 mile ride this morning on the trainer and that was a true test of my sanity. Thank goodness for Netflix! We have been having so much rain around here that it is impossible to get outside so I have to suck it up for another month or so.

I have no concept of how many miles people normally do. What do you normally do?

by7 said...


I personally ride no more than 150 Mile/wk.. but I know is very little

200-250: committed amateur (but obviously if you do a 70-80 Miles on a single week-end ride... then you are already mid way)
400: competitive cycling (junior or U23)
600/700: Elite level

You really have an amazing recovery... I also sleep little, but then I am not able to do doubles...