Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been gradually building my mileage since January and started doing track workouts in early April. I figured that it is about time that I start updating my blog again.

Monday: 6mi

Tuesday: 8mi


AM - 10mi on the bike to warm up my hip and 15 minutes with the foam roller.
PM - 8.5mi () 2.2 mile warm-up followed by 5x1000 w/ 400m rest @5k pace. Finished with a 2+ mile cooldown. Times were 3:10 (2:55), 3:10 (2:51), 3:08 (2:50), 3:05 (3:08) 3:01. I felt good and in control the whole time.

Thursday: 7.5mi - my legs are dead today. Only ran 7:25 pace.

Friday: 8mi - I still feel really tired and only managed 7:19 pace and it was not easy.

Saturday: 16mi - Decided to get in my long run today because I was on a mini vacation in Newport RI and I love running along the ocean. It was about 50 degrees and I ran along Ocean Ave (right along the water the whole time). I felt great and averaged about 6:30 pace the whole way.

Sunday: Off.

Completed: 54 miles

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GCS said...

A pleasant surprise to see you ripping it up at track again. Stay healthy and have fun!