Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 x Mile @ HM Pace w/ 400m rest

I treated tonight's workout as a pacing workout for the Applefest Half Marathon this weekend. I felt pretty good going into the workout and just wanted to nail down the feel of running goal pace, which is about 5:30 pace. Splits and rests were:

5:30 (1:46)
5:22 (1:52)
5:26 (1:55)

The recoveries were pretty brisk, but I was completely recovered halfway around the track and just wanted to bang this thing out. I do not think that I did a great job of hitting pace, which is usually my strong suit. I can generally hit lap splits within a second of goal pace but tonight my quarter splits were all over the place, ranging from 78 seconds to 84 seconds. On top of that I was too fast on the last three. Rest up for this weekend and hope for cool, dry weather. Total = 10 miles.

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