Thursday, December 1, 2011


I am mixing things up a bit more this winter and trying to keep in shape but not beat myself up. A fairly low key week trying not to go too wild before the Mill Cities Relay on Sunday. I had a decent race and ran quite a bit faster than I expected. I figured I would only run 5:40-5:45 pace but ran 53:05 for 9.52 miles, which is 5:35 pace. Next week I will ramp things up.

Monday: 3mi (20:29) + 20mi on bike + lift
Tuesday: 3mi (20:36) + 20mi on bike + 1000m in the pool
Wednesday: 4mi (27:00) + 20mi on bike + 1000m in the pool
Timed this swim for information's sake because I am just getting used to
being in the water for the first couple weeks. Did 5x200m with ~20 seconds rest between each set to evaluate what I was doing. Times were 3:50, 3:48, 3:46, 3:42 3:32. I did not push any harder on each set, rather I focused on my stroke and kicking. It is amazing how much kicking helps!
Thursday: 20mi on bike + lift
Friday: 6.2mi (41:53)
Saturday: ~5mi (35:27) With Justin and Chris in Mine Falls
Sunday: 2.5mi warm-up, 9.5mi race (Mill Cities) in 53:05 (5:35/mi average pace) + 1.25mi cool-down. Total = 13.25mi. I ran faster than I expected considering that I have not really been running much lately and I have been working on my strength quite a bit lately. My splits were fairly consistent, except for the first one, but I was definitely slowing down at the end:

1. 5:24
2. 10:58 5:34
3. 16:31 5:33
4. 22:10 5:39
5. 27:44 5:34
6. 33:20 5:36
7. 38:59 5:39
8. 44:37 5:37
9. 50:15 5:38
9.52 53:05 2:50

running - 34.5 miles
biking - 80 miles
swimming - 2000m

Thanks to Steve Wolfe for the photo. There are more here.

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