Sunday, December 18, 2011


This week was probably about the same as the last two weeks - not great but not bad. I did not run as much as I hoped because my hip started bothering me again so I was either on the elliptical or in the pool. I really do not enjoy the bike so I am trying to find other ways to stay fit and not go crazy. I hope to get over this hip thing soon so that I can get on with training. The longer this goes on the less likely I am to run fast this spring.

Monday: 8.1mi (54:41) + 30min on the bike
Tuesday: 7.1mi (42:49) + 1 hour in gym and 3x400m swimming (7:20, 7:11, 7:03)
Wednesday: 1 hour on bike
Thursday: 1 hour on bike + 1 hour in gym + 3x400m swimming (7:12, 7:21, 7:21) - I learned that it is not smart to swim right after lifting. I was so tired.
Friday: 8.5mi (56:09)
Saturday: 1 hour in gym + 1 hour on elliptical + 1 mi on treadmill @ 7:10 pace w/ 5% incline + 2x400m swim (7:04, 6:53)
Sunday: 65 minutes on bike

running - 24.7 miles + 1 hour on elliptical
biking - 72 miles
swimming - 3200m

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