Wednesday, December 19, 2012


More catch up here. I was a bit short on the miles this week for some reason, had a mediocre workout and had a slow, sloppy long run. Overall the week was kind of meh.

Monday: 8mi (55:24) Easy recovery.
Tuesday: 10.2mi (70:38)
Wednesday: 10.1mi (64:22) I was at work today so I did a 3 mile warm-up, 6x0.33mi hill followed by 1 mile at threshold pace (5:22) and then 2 mile cool-down. This was the same workout that I did two weeks ago in 63:48 w/ a 5:27 mile at the end. I was definitely more tired this week and the warm up and cool down were slower as well as the first mile split on the hill efforts but I was able to pull things together and get in a decent workout.
Thursday: 8mi (58:18) Easy recovery.
Friday: 10mi (64:14) Let it out a bit on one of my standard 10 mile out-and-back runs.
Saturday: off
Sunday: 16mi (1:50:06) I was cold and snowy the whole time so I was pretty tired at the end from slipping on every step and being frozen to the core. It is amazing how much this kind of run takes out of you even when going easy.

Total for week: 62.3mi

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