Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Even though I was tired most of the week things really improved by the end of the week. I had my highest mileage yet and had a decent workout despite feeling tired. I would like to go over 70 miles next week since I will not be working and can sneak in a nap each afternoon and possibly some morning runs (not likely).

Monday: 10mi (72:26) It was wet, windy and really slippery running on the ice and snow so this was a real slow one. I am so tired of running in the cold on packed snow.
Tuesday: 10.2mi (68:57) Finally got to run on a surface that did not slip back half a step each stride. Easy run to recover from the last two days.
Wednesday: 11.2mi - 2.9mi warm-up, 10k threshold run (33:58), 2.1mi cool down. I was not sure how this was going to go because I was a bit tired from the last couple days and the wind was pretty strong on the back stretch of the track. I almost bailed at 5km but things loosened up after 2.5-3 miles and I finished much better than I started. Splits were: 5:29, 5:29, 5:27, 5:27, 5:24, 5:26, 74. I felt pretty good after the workout but will take it really easy the next two days.
Thursday: 10.5mi (73:10) Recovery run.
Friday: 10mi (68:16) Kind of cold, really wet and windy, extremely miserable. This run just sucked.
Saturday: off
Sunday: 17.2mi (1:50:27) I don't say this often, but this was a truly awesome run. I was not sure how things would go because I have been feeling really tired for the last week and I did not get decent sleep the last two nights because we have a sick 2 year old in the house. I started out quick and when mile 9 passed in 5:58 I had to pull things back a little bit. I felt strong and I was just cruising at 6:15 pace for the last half of the run. I did 4-5 full speed accelerations between mile 8 and 10 to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers.

Total for week: 69.1mi