Sunday, April 12, 2009


This week was pretty good considering that I took all of last week off from running. I got in about 82 equivalent miles and 35.4 miles of actual running. I am not sure how to count the cycling so I just counted it as 1/3 the cycling mileage. Whatever...

  • AM - 8 mi (60:00) An hour on the elliptical trainer.
  • PM - 5 mi (37:50) I was not sure how far I would go since this was the first run in over a week, but it felt really good. I went really easy and kept the incline at 1%.
  • AM - 6 mi (45:03) This was a really easy run on the treadmill with a 1.5% incline.
  • PM - 5.2 mi (37:53) Really easy run today.
  • AM - (8 mi) An hour on the elliptical trainer. 8 equivalent miles. I just wanted to give my legs a bit of a rest to be conservative.
  • PM - 5.2 mi (36:50) I went pretty easy today and felt good. My legs were a bit sore for some reason.
  • AM - (8 mi) An hour on the elliptical trainer. 8 equivalent miles.
  • PM - 6 mi (48:00) Easy run.
Friday: 68 miles of cycling - I rode to work today and since I did not take a wrong turn it was a bit shorter than in the past. I averaged 18.6 mph there and 19.6 mph home in the evening. I always have a hard time getting things going in the morning and it was also in the lower 30's.

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 8 mi (57:20) Easy run before Easter Sunday dinner. Nothing too hard, just wanted to get the run in. Same route as yesterday.

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