Sunday, April 19, 2009


Man, I am totally slacking when it comes to posting my training. I am sure that my motivation to post is directly related to my ability to run. I have still been fighting this freaking hip thing and running only sporadically. I have been trying to do more running and get in as much cross training as possible but I never seem to make any progress with rehab. I am starting to think that the theme for the year will be cross training. Overall I can not be too disappointed with the way the week went - I was actually able to run. I got in about 77 equivalent miles and 37.2 miles of actual running. I spoke with Dan Moriarty about how the triathletes count cycling relative to running and I guess that according to Daniels you can count 2/3 the time. That pretty much jives with how I was counting the cycling (1/3 the distance) since you are basically traveling at twice the speed when cycling.

  • AM - 8 mi (60:00) An hour on the elliptical trainer.
  • PM - 5 mi (37:50) I was not sure how far I would go since this was the first run in over a week, but it felt really good. I went really easy and kept the incline at 1%.
Tuesday: 8 mi (55:56) Really easy run today.

  • AM - (8 mi) An hour on the elliptical trainer. 8 equivalent miles. I just wanted to give my legs a bit of a rest to be conservative.
  • PM - 5.2 mi (36:50) I went pretty easy today and felt good. My legs were a bit sore for some reason.
Thursday: 9 mi (64:00) Easy run through the woods into Sudbury from work. I felt a bit tired so I took it pretty easy. I decided to skip my afternoon run.

Friday: 12 mi - I ran 4 miles to the gym today, did 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer and then ran 4 miles home. Good run.

Saturday: 6 mi - I did an easy 6 miles around a loop at home to take it easy. I did yard work all day and just wanted to get in an easy run.

Sunday: 28.5 of cycling, 6 mi running - I wanted to get in a long workout but did not want to stress my hip at all so I decided to do my first ride/run workout. I rode about 28.5 miles on the Nashua River Rail Trail down to Ayer and back (I averaged exactly 20.0 mph). When I got back to the house I changed my shoes and ran about 6 miles. The ride was pretty decent even though I had to stop a lot to cross streets and for slow pokes on the path. The run sucked for the first 2-3 miles because my legs were so heavy and tight.

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