Monday, May 31, 2010


I got back to business as I jumped my mileage up from 55 last week to a bit over 80 his week. I had good workouts on both Wednesday and Friday but felt pretty crappy the rest of the week. I am not sure why, but it bothers me when I run an 8 minute mile (I have the Forerunner set to give mile splits) and I have see several of those in the last week. I keep telling myself that it does not matter and that I should just listen to my body so that I recover and stay injury free. Looking back over the week, I will gladly take the slow miles on recovery runs if I can blast some good workouts (and races , in the future). It is only the first week of June and it feels like we are in the middle of August with all of this heat and humidity. I am hoping that it cools off and dries out a bit because I am rotating three pairs of running shoes right now and all three are always wet.

: 11.7mi (?) My watch battery died just as I started the run. Grrrr! Anyway, I was planning on doing some hills today but after digging in the yard for 5 hours and considering the heat I just did a moderate run in Mine Falls Park.
Tuesday: AM - 6.5mi (50:25) This was a really slow recovery run. I was supposed to go 8 miles but it was so hot and humid and I felt like garbage so I cut it short. PM - 4mi (29:30) On the treadmill at work. I could not face the humidity again today.
Wednesday: 11.5mi () 3mi warm-up in 21:50 followed by 1600/800/400/400/800/1600 @ 5k pace with 400m rest for all (yeah, I know, that is a lot of rest). I hit 5:00 (2:30ish), 2:28 (3:03), 71 (2:49), 71 (2:47), 2:25 (2:56), 4:56. The heat and humidity really started to get to me (83 and the dew point=64 when we started). Cooled down for about 4 miles.
Thursday: AM - 8.1mi (61:26) Really slow recovery run again., PM 4mi (29:12) On the treadmill at work again. This heat and humidity is killing me!
Friday: 9.9mi (61:25) This was my "10 mile" stead-state run. I was a bit nervous about this one because it was 84 degrees and the dew point was 64 degrees (not good running weather). I did not wear the Garmin today so I did not get exact splits but here is a summary of how I did compared to last week's run when the weather was much more conducive to running. I was 20 seconds slower than last week at 1.5mi but had pulled even by 2.5mi. At the turn around (halfway) I was 5 seconds faster and by 8 miles I was ahead by about 20 seconds. I decided to shut things down at this point and just cool down the last two miles because I was getting really hot and figured that it was not wise to over-do things. I averaged about 6:00min/mi even for the first 8 miles.
Saturday: 8.1mi (60:23) A really slow recovery run in Mine Falls park.
Sunday: 17mi (2:01:30) I did what I should have done the last two long runs and I drove down to Mine Falls Park and ran from there. That allowed me to stop for fluids half way through. I did not think that I would have issues today since it was only about 66 degrees but it was quite humid and I still can not seem to deal with the humidity. I never really felt good on the run and never got into a groove, but I got in 17 decent miles at 7:08 pace. The heavy rain hit at about 14 miles and when I heard the thunder rolling in at about 16.5 miles I quickly changed my plans to try to hit 18 miles and headed for the car.

Completed: 80.8mi
Plan Total: 70-80mi

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