Monday, May 10, 2010


Again, I am posting late, but I always seem to run out of time on Sundays with the kids, the long run, yada, yada, yada ... I hit what will probably be my peak weekly mileage until I am 100% confident in my recovery and I start the ramp for Bay State in the fall. I hit 73 miles off singles and I did not ride at all. For sanity's sake, I am going to stick with singles for now because work is a bit crazy right now and I don't mentally feel up to doubles at this point. I am just enjoying being able to run 10 miles/day without pain.

I do not like to talk of work on my running blog because I try to keep those two worlds separate, but I will make a small exception here because of how much my job has impacted the last two years of my family's lives. I am really happy that I was able to get in all of my runs this week because the chip that we have been designing at work for the last two years came back on Tuesday and I had to spend 3-4 very long days in the lab testing all the blocks that I designed. I have a lot invested in this chip (lots of long days and countless nights working until 2-3AM after the kids went to bed) and my family sacrificed a lot (we have not had a vacation in over 2 years) in order for me to get my work done. In the end it was all worth it because all of my stuff works! I am hoping that the next year will be much less hectic and I may be able to get some decent running in.

I did not get too many times for runs this week because my watch battery died and then the wrist strap broke right after I replaced the battery. Maybe it is time for a new watch ...

Monday: 8.2mi (?) Easy run
Tuesday: 10mi (?) Standard 10 miler at work.
Wednesday: 13mi - 4 mile warm-up, cut-down based on time (7m/6m/5m/4m/3m/2m) at 10k pace with 3 mile cool-down.
Thursday: 8.2mi (61:30) Really easy run at work to shake out the legs.
Friday: 10mi (?) Again, no idea on time but I took the first half really easy and then picked it up a bit for the second half.
Saturday: 8.5mi () Easy run in the cold rain.
Sunday: 15mi (1:39:48) I did a similar thing to last week and ran fairly easy for the first 10-12 miles and then I threw in 3 miles at MP. That felt pretty good but the wind beat me up a bit. I also tried something new on the run based on some videos that I watched by Ryan Hall on YouTube. At about 8 miles I did some really short, full speed accelerations on the flat and on hills (3-4 total for 30-50m each) to recruit different muscle fibers later in the run. I am not sure if it made too much difference but I did feel a little better. I am hoping that there will be a long term benefit to doing this.

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