Sunday, October 3, 2010


Monday: 8mi (58:30) Really easy. I felt like crap again today.
Tuesday: 10mi (71:19) Not great, but much better than the last two days.
  • AM - 4mi (28:39) I felt much better this morning. Just a shake out.
  • PM - 10mi () 3 mile warm-up, 8x800m @ marathon time (about half marathon pace) w/ 400m rest. I think this is basically an aerobic power workout. I hit times of 2:42 (2:14), 2:42 (2:17), 2:44 (2:09), 2:40 (2:10), 2:42 (2:21), 2:43 (2:12), 2:40 (2:18), 2:36. I felt good on the workout and it was not too difficult but it was soooo humid tonight so I sweat a ton. It was a little bit challenging to get air. I only did a 1 mile cool-down in like 8:30 because I was pretty tired. I tried to do 4x100 barefoot strides on the grass but that did not go great either. I am currently taking an ice bath from my knees down and will take it really easy tomorrow.
Thursday: 6mi (46:39) Really slow today, but it was intentional. I need the rest. This humidity is ridiculous - I thought we were heading for fall. My feet felt much better after the ice bath last night so I will do that again tonight.
Friday: 0 - I moved my off day to today because the weather sucked and this weekend should be amazing running weather.
Saturday: 10mi (62:10) This was such a great run. I felt good from the get-go and just cruised along enjoying the great fall weather. I was supposed to be at 6:30 pace but I was running 6:15's without much effort and finished with a 5:40. Easy and long tomorrow.
Sunday: 14.5mi (1:43+) I felt better than last Sunday but I was pretty tired today and never really got into much of a groove. It is unfortunate because the weather was so nice - I really wanted to have a good run today. Oh well, I got the miles in.

Completed: 62.5mi
Plan Total: 60-65mi


Tarik Saleh said...

My knees are in awe of your continued high milage running. I am on track for about 100 miles. For the year.

Hope you are well.

Ethan Crain said...

Dude, it is very sporadic (I can not emphasize that enough). Things hurt, break and wear down much faster than they did in the past and recovery takes forever. I have tried cycling but just do not like it. Oh, how I wish I had 20 year old legs again.