Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am back from an easy week but I will probably not hit the same running mileage I was doing two weeks ago. I am going to continue riding 3-4 days per week to give my legs a break from the pounding but still get in the cardio work and possibly some more leg strength. I am also hitting the weights a bit harder for the next month or so. I will do a separate post about that latter this week.

Monday: 20 miles on the bike.
  • AM - 20 miles on the bike.
  • PM - 3mi (20:40) Easy run after lifting.
  • AM - 4mi (27:48) This was an easy morning run to shake out the legs. Quicker than I expected.
  • PM - 9mi () 2.2 mile warm-up (16:03) followed by 4x1600 w/ 400m rest @10k pace. Finished with a 2+ mile cooldown (17:11). I did the first repeat alone and then ran with Joe Rogers for the next three. He had a great workout and actually forced me to run the workout quicker than I originally planned because he was cruising tonight. Times and rests were: 5:15 (2:10), 5:19 (2:28), 5:10 (2:31), 5:07. I was cruising for the first two, felt comfortable hard on the third and had to work pretty hard on the fourth one. Good workout. I will probably just ride tomorrow with a short run.
Thursday: 10 miles on the bike and lifting. I was going to ride 60-90 minutes tonight but I think that I am going to take my day off today. My 9 month old son is sick and I got no sleep last night.
Friday: 25 miles on the bike.
Saturday: 20 miles on the bike + 3 miles running.
Sunday: 30 miles on the bike.

Completed: 19mi + 125mi cycling
Plan Total: 50-60mi + 60mi cycling

Shoe Mileage - Aegis: 24.5, Tempo: 7

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