Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Gear

It is time again to get some new kicks because the old ones have served far beyond their intended tenure. I included a photo of the carnage below. I have been running in a mix of five different shoes: Asics DS-Trainer 11, Asics Gel-3000, NB 904, Nike LunarElite and Nike LunarGlides. I have mixed feelings about each of these shoes but they have served me pretty well for the last couple of months.

I have been a long-time Asics fan, particularly the DS-trainer, but I am so frustrated that they completely change the shoe every year. Some years the shoe feels like a light-weight trainer and other years it feels like a stability shoe. Some years it is too wide, other years it is too narrow. Over the last several years I have been as small as a size 11.5 and as large as a 14 when I am really a 12.5. I also tried the Nike Lunar shoes and they are alright but the heel counter irritates my achilles so those are out. The NB are way too soft.

Two years ago I took a chance on the Adidas Adizero Aegis based on the description and fell in love. Here is a description of the shoe:

  • The adizero Aegis is a limited edition, go fast trainer. It controls moderate pronation without a traditional post. The result is a super smooth ride that works with your foot. It transmits a great feel for the road and thus is best suited for faster training. It does offer enough protection for everyday training as well.
I ran in two pairs of the Adizero Aegis over the summer of 2009 and got as high as 110 miles per week without any trouble. They seem like they were made just for my foot and are by far the most comfortable shoe I have ever run in. The only reason that I did not buy another pair before was the cost - the MSRP is $110, which is quite a bit more than what I like to spend on shoes. It gets pricey if you go through a pair of shoes each month. Right now RunningWarehouse has them for $99, but if you use the code cp15 you can get them for $85. Not bad since this includes free 2-day shipping and free return shipping (they include the shipping label in the box) if you don't like them for some reason.

The first pairs that I ran in were white with black and red details. The new ones, at the left, are white with blue and gold. I don't like the design as much, but they are a pretty sharp looking shoe. I like the out-sole and feel like they grip well on all surfaces, except trails. They do not slip in the rain like most Asics shoes.

I decided to get a second shoe as a backup and wanted to try a different model. I went with the Adizero Tempo, at the left. I like it because it is the same style shoe, a light-weight stability trainer, and it was only $65 ($55 with the code). My wife does not think much of the design - I guess that it is a little too flashy for her. I kind of like it. And yes, they are really as shinny as they appear in the picture. I am sure that will change after a couple of miles. They fit true to size, like the Aegis, but are slightly narrower than the Aegis. This is not really a problem, but I will have to wear thin socks when I run in them. They have a much more aggressive out-sole than the Aegis and will probably do better in the trails and rough terrain.

I will provide an updated review of the shoes as I use them. I am confident about the Aegis and hopeful about the Tempo.

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