Thursday, October 9, 2008

AM: 11 (1:24:33) It was pretty darn difficult to get out of bed this morning to run, but it was just a slow regeneration run. Weighed in at 159lbs this morning, which is the first time below 160lbs in a long time. I am getting close to my goal weight of 155lbs.

PM: 5.9 (40:22) This run started out like any other run - I felt a bit tired at the start but I started feeling pretty good 2-3 miles into the run. At around mile 4 I felt a little discomfort in my right shin so I stopped to stretch a bit. By mile 5 the mild discomfort had ballooned into full-fledged pain and I nearly had to walk the rest of the way. I am not 100% sure yet, but I think that this is the same injury that sidelined me in January for 4-5 weeks after the alumni meet. I have not changed anything, increased mileage or increased intensity so I am not sure how this happened. I guess that I am going to take it easy and ice for a couple days to see if things clear up enough to get back to business. If it looks like it is going to take more than a week to recover I may just bag the rest of the season so that I do not jeopardize the spring season. This just figures that it happens the day after I start a training blog. AAARRRRRRGH!!

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