Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back in the Saddle ... Almost

So, I am pretty positive that the pain was anterior tibialis tendonitis because I have no more pain and the x-rays came back negative. I have been doing a couple new PT drills to increase the strength and balance in my lower legs, specifically the shins. I have not run in over two weeks, although I have been to the gym to hit the elliptical trainer and weights a couple times this week. On Monday I thankfully start the long journey to my first marathon next fall and get to start running again. I really need it both mentally and physically. I am not going to sweat it, but I have probably put on 5 pounds in the past two weeks because it is hard to go from 110 miles/week to zippo and adjust your eating accordingly. I am still eating for at least 90 miles/week and I have let myself have a couple beers here and there, which I do not generally do while training. I think that I am going to start out slow with about 50-60 miles/week in the beginning and jump about 10 miles each week. I plan on doing a 90, 100, 110, 120+ miles/week pattern each month to give myself a rest every four weeks. If I can hit 90 miles the first week in December I should be in good shape.

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Kevin said...

Ethan I thought I would be the first person to respond to your blog. While spinning on my bike in the basement for 2 hours today, some how remembering what you said to me in the gym and on your blog about running 90/100/110/120 made the 2 hours more bearable. I will let you know if I feel the same way when I am spinning for 4 to 5 hours at a time. All this spinning hopefully will help me accomplish my goal of qualifying for the Hawaii IM in 2010. Good luck with your goal of the Olympic Trials in 2012 and hopefully we can coordinate schedules and get some runs in together.