Sunday, March 29, 2009


This week started off on the right foot but went down hill quickly after my Wednesday run. I actually felt good on Wednesday and after the workout I was feeling good. When I woke up on Thursday morning my hip was bothering me and the run did not go too well. I did not run at all in the last half of the week and hope to get back into it next week.

I got a total of 91.25 equivalent miles and 39 miles of running. Not nearly as good as last week but I have to listen to my body and just go with the flow.

  • AM - (8 mi) An hour on the elliptical trainer.
  • PM - 10.5 mi (74:40) This was a bit further than I originally planned, especially after yesterday, but it felt good. The only down side was that it was about 25 degrees and the wind was blowing really hard. Get some rest.
  • AM - (8 mi) Again, an hour on the elliptical trainer. 8 equivalent miles.
  • PM - 8.25 mi (57:49) This was a bit faster than yesterday and I felt good today. My hip did not bother me at all and it was also a bit warmer.
Wednesday: 16.25 mi (1:57:13) I have gotten into this habit of doing one long workout on Wednesdays for some reason. Today I ran a round-about route through Mine Falls Park to the gym and got there at about 8 miles (58+ minutes). I did 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer and then ran 4 miles home. The total running distance was a bit over 12.25 miles (1:27:13). I sweat a bunch on this run too and weighed 162 lbs when I got home.

Thursday: 8.25 mi (59:34) This was the same route as Tuesday but I did not feel as sharp today. I was really tired today for some reason and was not able to get up this morning to get in my early workout. I feel like a complete slob because I could not get myself to go to the gym tonight either. Oh well. Hopefully the rest will do me some good because I am feeling pretty beat right now. I am hoping that I did not push it too much yesterday because my hip was a bit tender today. Maybe the rest will help with that. I definitely do not want to set myself back again. If that happens I will probably just give up on running and take up knitting or something a little easier on the body.

  • AM - (8 mi) On the elliptical
  • PM - (8 mi) On the elliptical again.
Saturday: I took today off because I my hip was not feeling good and I just needed the rest.

Sunday: 16 mi (2 hours) On the elliptical trainer. This really sucked because it was a straight shot on the elliptical trainer for 2 hours and I nearly lost my mind. My hip was a bit tender again today and I just wanted to give myself a rest.

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