Sunday, September 19, 2010


This was a good week. I slightly exceeded my mileage goal (60.5 miles vs 55-60 miles) and I did my first track workout. I am starting out slow and the workout was pretty relaxed, but it was so nice to get back on the track and run fast again. Right now it seems like things are headed in the right direction and all the little aches and pains are clearing up. I think the icing, stretching, lifting and extra drills are starting to pay off as is running only 6 days per week. I will bump my mileage slightly next week to 65 miles but will have to miss the track workout because of parent-teacher conferences. I might do a short threshold run on the roads instead.

: 7.3mi (50:36) I almost did not get to run today because things were busy at work and then I bailed once in the evening because of the storms that rolled in. I finally got out the door at about 6:30PM and had to cut the run short a bit because it was getting dark, but man, what great weather for running. I felt so much better than yesterday and was able to click off the miles with ease.
Tuesday: 10mi (68:54) Felt good again today and the weather was really nice. Pretty easy effort.
  • AM 4mi (29:48) Real easy run to loosen up for this afternoon.
  • PM 10mi () 2.2 mile warm up (16:04), 5x1000m @ 5k pace and 2.2 mile cool down (17:52). Workout splits and rests were 3:21 (3:37), 3:21 (3:36), 3:25 (3:42), 3:15 (4:13), 3:10.
Thursday: 6mi (44+) Easy, short run to recover from yesterday.
Friday: 10.1mi (72:24) I wanted to go a bit longer than usual and take it easy. Nice easy run. Ran a bit faster at the end.
Saturday: Goose egg. I intentionally took today off but did some core and strengthening work.
Sunday: 13.1mi (92:45) I started out really slow and felt a few small twinges and aches but things settled down and I got rolling about 4-5 miles into the run. Over all I felt really good and my long runs are now respectable.

Completed: 60.5mi
Plan Total: 55-60mi

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