Sunday, September 26, 2010


I ran 59.7 miles and nearly got my goal of 60-65 miles. I will shoot for the same this next week.

Monday: 8.1mi (58:10) Really easy. I felt really good except the last mile or so. I was planning on doing a second run today but punted because of how I felt.
Tuesday: 8.1mi (58..) Easy run again today. I felt a bit off.
  • AM - 3mi (22:30) Easy run to shake out the legs.
  • PM - 9.5mi () 3mi warm-up (20:45), 4x1600m w/ 200m rest and 2.2mi cool down. My times were 5:35 (2:00), 5:35 (1:30), 5:37 (1:30), 5:39. I felt great on the first two but my fitness is not there right now so I slowed down a bit on the last two. Once I get a few more miles in my legs I will recover better. It was also quite warm and humid tonight.
Thursday: 6mi (46:00) Really easy run after last night's workout. I cut it short too because my soleus was a bit tight and tender. Felt alright later in the day.
Friday: 10mi (68:30) A slightly up-tempo run and it felt pretty good except for the humidity. This run is setting the framework for future threshold runs like I used to do on Fridays.
Saturday: Zippo
Sunday: 15mi (1:49:20) This was one bizarre-o run. My first mile split was 8:06 (holy crap!) and my last mile split was 6:12. I passed through 5 miles in 38:25 and my last 5 miles were in 33:51. I nearly stopped at 10 miles because I was feeling like garbage but things started loosening up and I felt much better the last 5 miles. One thing that I did was to do 4 20 second surges after 10 miles to recruit some fast twitch muscle fibers. I read that Ryan Hall does this on long runs and it seems to work. I'm glad I got in a long run but I hope I feel better in the coming days and weeks.

Completed: 59.7mi
Plan Total: 60-65mi

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