Sunday, September 12, 2010


I came up a bit short of the goal for the week (51.5 miles vs. a goal of 55-60 miles) but I only ran 6 days and I started to feel better than I have been feeling the last couple of weeks. I also got my first double-digit run in, a whopping 12.2 miles today. I do not think that my long run will get much longer than this for the foreseeable future. With my recent track record of injuries I am planning on limiting my long run to 15 miles, total miles to 70 and I will only run 6 days per week. If I need any more base work I can always jump on the bike and add it there. If I can stay healthy off this plan throughout the winter then I may have a shot at running some fast times on the track and roads in the spring. Here's the breakdown for the week:

Monday: 8.2mi (57:27) Easy run.
Tuesday: 7mi (49:30) Easy run.
Wednesday: 8.7mi (61:00) I went a bit longer than planned, but I felt good once I got going.
Thursday: 7.4mi (52:32) Meh ... Just getting in the miles.
Friday: 8mi (55:13) I actually felt pretty good today. I started out easy at about 7:30 pace and dropped it down to 6:30 pace by the end. Good day.
Saturday: 0 - intentionally took the day off.
Sunday: 12.2mi (87:06) Yay, I finally got in double digit run. I felt decent at the beginning but things went down hill after the mid-way. My lower legs felt sore and my lower back tightened up. What ever happened to those days when running felt good?

Completed: 51.5mi
Plan Total: 55-60mi

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