Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The theme for the week was fatigue. I was exhausted early in the week from my long run last Sunday and then later in the week from my Wednesday workout. I cut my long run a bit short because I was  looking forward to the easy week next week and it was just not happening. I am doing 4 week cycles, cutting my mileage 25-30% on the fourth week of each cycle, and next week is my easy week.

Monday: 8.1mi (58:38) Tired
Tuesday: 10.2mi (72:00) Still pretty tired.
Wednesday: 12.5mi - 2.1mi warm-up (15:28), 8.3mi of 4x2mi w/ 1 minute rest (48:39), 2.1mi cool-down (16:13). I wanted to mix things up a bit from last week and go a little faster so I did long intervals on the road. I almost punted the workout because I was so tired but I could not do it on Thursday or Friday.  Splits and rests were:
5:43, 11:28 (5:45)
rest - 1:18
5:26, 11:05 (5:39)
rest - 1:09
5:26, 11:01 (5:35)
rest - 1:05
5:30, 11:11 (5:41)
This was a bit harder and my times were more erratic than last week but I think that is because I was tired and there was less feedback on the 2 mile loop than on the track. The first mile was slightly downhill and the second mile was slightly uphill. Overall a good workout but very tiring.
Thursday: 8.1mi (57:16)
Friday: 8.3mi (60:18)
Saturday: 3mi (22:24)
Sunday: 12.1mi (86:06) I did not feel good and at 6 miles I tweaked the ball of my left foot so I cut it short. Really looking forward to next week to get some rest.

Total for week: 62.3mi


Michael said...

If the exhaustion re-occurs in week 3 of your next cycle, maybe you could switch to a 3-week cycle (2 hard, 1 easy) for a little while? And, see how it goes.

Ethan Crain said...

I think it was because I not only did my longest run to date in the cycle but I also did 2 hard runs in a week for the first time. Hopefully it will get easier with repetition. The number four is so much nicer than three anyways ...