Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Monday: 8mi (56:16) Easy run to recover.
Tuesday: 10.5mi (70:03) This was a moderate run and it was nice running in the cold rain!
Wednesday: 10.1mi (65:39) I did a hill workout today w/ 6x0.3mi long hill and a mile @ threshold pace (5:38) right afterwards to clear the lactic acid. Felt good.
Thursday: 8.1mi (56:25) Easy recovery run w/ 4 5-8 second full speed surges on hills and a 200m acceleration at the end.
Friday: 10.5mi (66:43) Felt pretty good today so I wanted to let it rip a bit, especially since I am taking tomorrow off. I started out at 7min/mi pace and gradually dropped it down to 6min/mi at the end.
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 16mi (107:09) I was originally going to do an 8 mile warm-up and then go right into a 6 mile threshold run. However, I was not really feeling great today and decided to bail. I also have not officially started my training macrocycle yet for the spring and need a few more mesocycles (4 week periodization) in me before I really ramp up the volume and intensity together. I ran about 7min/mi for the first 8 miles and then dropped to 6:30min/mi pace for the next 7 miles and finished with a 6 minute mile and a long acceleration.

Total for week: 63.2mi

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