Thursday, June 16, 2011


Good week this week. Hit 67.4 miles even though I skipped one afternoon run to be conservative and avoid an injury flaring up. The workout was alright. Not much to say.

: 8.1mi (52:56) I was a bit tired from yesterday and just wanted to work the hills on this run but ended up running fairly quickly. I really pushed all of the uphills and blasted the last mile in 5:38.

  • AM: 3mi (23:15) Easy morning run.
  • PM: An hour on the bike. I started to feel a little tenderness in the lateral side of my right gastrocnemius so I took it easy on the bike. Better safe than sorry.
  • AM: 3mi (21:14) Quicker than I expected. Easy run to test out my leg and it all feels good. I do not feel any pain but the spot is still tender. Ice, advil, foam roller and friction massage.
  • PM: 10mi () Track workout tonight - 2.2mi warmup, pyramid run (4/8/16/8/4/2/2) with half the distance rest except for equal rest on the 200's - all at 5k pace. I ran 71 (85), 2:25 (2:51), 4:54 (5:27), 2:25 (2:43), 69 (107), 29.0 (94), 30.0. Finished up with a ~3.5mi cool-down. The weather was really nice for the workout but I only felt alright. I was expecting to feel great but I was a bit flat. The only part of the workout that was a little tough was the 1600, but it was easy after that. I was surprised that I ran the 200's as fast as I did and that I stopped the watch on exactly 29.0 and 30.0. When I did 200's two summers ago I could not break 30 seconds no matter how hard I tried so this shows that my basic speed is pretty good. I just need to work on the lungs. I finished up with some core work and 6 barefoot strides on the infield.
  • AM: 4mi (28:31) Easy run. Morning runs are coming along and I am feeling better with each one that I do.
  • PM: 8mi+ (59:46) This was an easy regeneration run and I took it easy due to the heat. Overall I felt pretty good considering the workout that I did last night.
Friday: 9.7mi (71:30) This was a crap run because I was tired and got completely dehydrated by the end of the run. I lost over 5 lbs of sweat on the run and walked the last 1/4 mile home. Blah!

: 6.5mi (45:32) Easy run

Sunday: 15.1mi (1:41:34) I wanted to get in a nice easy long run because I have been limited to about 12 miles each of the last 2-3 weekends. The weather was phenomenal and I felt decent. I finished the run with a 400m @ 5k pace in 66 seconds and then did 4 strides. My speed must be coming along because I have dropped the 400m in my long run from 72 down to 66 with the same effort.

Completed: 67.4 miles

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