Monday, June 27, 2011


  • AM: 4mi (29:17) Easy run.
  • PM: 9.3mi (60:23) Ran at Mine Falls Park in the evening to avoid the heat and sun. It was still over 85 degrees though. The run started out easy but I was feeling good and I just kept revving things up. By the end I was probably close to 6min/mi pace and I finished with a full speed 200m on the track. I wrapped up with 6x100m barefoot strides on the grass and some core work.
  • AM: 5.8mi () Easy day and supposed to be hot and humid so split mileage between two runs.
  • PM: 5.9mi () Did not want to run tonight but forced myself. Really wanted to sit on my ass.
  • AM: 4mi () Easy run. Really humid.
  • PM: 8mi () 2.2mi warm-up with 2x2400m @10km pace w/ 800m rest and 2.2mi cool down. I have never done 2400m repeats and did not feel like pushing too hard because it was in the 80's and a bit humid so I figured that I would just settle into what ever pace felt comfortable and go with that. I was pretty consistent as I ran 7:43 (5:04), 7:42 and hit 5:08 at 1600m for both. The only real difference was that I pushed the last 200m of the second one a bit more but both were very comfortable. I finished up with 6 barefoot strides on the grass.
  • AM: 8.1mi (60:23) Easy run in the morning to avoid the heat and recover.
  • PM: 4.1mi (27:57)
  • AM: 4mi (28:59) Easy run.
  • PM: 8mi (58:02) I originally planned on going 10 miles but I was so damn tired that I cut it short. My first mile was 7:59 and my last was 6:26. Crazy! I will be going really short the next two days as I am racing Sunday morning and maybe Monday morning if I feel up to it.
Saturday: 4mi (27:45) Nice easy run to shake out the legs. A bit tired from the week but hoping to run fast tomorrow. Finished up with 6 strides.

Sunday: 5mi () 2mi+ warm up, HASLAW Manchester Mile race and 2mi+ cool down. I was feeling a bit heavy in the legs prior to the race and it was really humid but it was a down hill race, so ... Anyway, I warmed up a bit with my son Samuel who was doing his first mile race. We lined up a bit back of the line so that we would not get in the way of the "big guns" and were off at the gun. I immediately found my self running with the top three women (Julie Cully, Nicole Blood and Nicole Shappert) and tried to pull ahead because I just did not want to be that guy you see on TV running with the women. It did not work. I felt totally out of control going down the hill that drops 188 feet in just over 1/2 mile. By the time we got to the flat I was able to gain control and push past Nicole Shappert but not able to catch the other ladies. I finished in 4:19 gun time (4:18 net time) for 17th place overall. I peeled back to cheer on Samuel and he crossed the line in 6:59 gun time but had a 6:54 net time for 123rd overall and 1st in his age group. He got a nice shinny medal for his efforts.

I am a little uncertain about how to feel about this race. I think that the hill was worth about 15 seconds, so that puts me around 4:34 for a flat mile. The biggest thing I take away from this race is that I am not doing the right work to allow me to run as fast as I want in the type of race I want to run. I need to change that.

Full results.

Completed: 70.2 miles

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