Monday, June 20, 2011


  • AM: 8.1mi(57-) Felt pretty darn tired, especially at the end of the run. Need sleep.
  • PM: 3mi (22-) Ran easy in Mine Falls before Sam's track practice.
  • AM: 10mi (70:48) Glad to get this one out of the way when it was cool. I still suffered a bit at the end due to hydration issues. I saw my first deer in Mine Falls Park. I am a bit surprised because it is pretty hard to get there without crossing a major road.
  • PM: 3mi (20:30) Felt pretty good but it was hot.
  • AM: 3mi (22:30)
  • PM: 9mi - 2.2mi warm-up (15:05) followed by 12x400 @5k pace w/ 200 rest and 2.5mi cool-down. I felt good on the warm-up but a little flat on the workout. It could have been because it was pouring and the track was a wet sponge and my shoes felt like lead weights. My times were 71 (99), 70 (92), 72 (89), 71 (90), 72 (89), 71 (89), 71 (91), 72 (90), 72 (94), 72 (90), 70 (88), 68. This is about a 71 average, which is probably closer to my current 3k pace, not my 5k pace. I have been feeling really tired lately and had blood work done this afternoon to see if I have any deficiencies or if there is anything more sinister going on.
Thursday: 6mi (43:30) Real easy run. I cut it short because of work and bailed on the second run because I did not feel like running in the rain again. Probably for the best. I got 9.5 hours of sleep last night too.

  • AM: 4mi (28:30)
  • PM: 10mi (65:29) I only intended on running 8 miles today but I was having so much fun doing a hill workout that I decided to add on a little extra. I looked for some long hills in Nashua that I could grind out and found just that in Shelley Dr and Browning Ave. I did four long hills that were about 1/2 mile each and a bunch of shorter climbs. I really enjoyed this run and it reminded me of doing hill tempo runs in college in the Chestnut Hill area with my running partner-in-crime Jesse Darley. Good times. Anyway, I felt much better today than I have been feeling for a while and it may have something to do with adding "meat with feet" back into my diet a couple days ago. More on that later.
Saturday: 5.1mi (38:16) This run totally sucked. My legs are so hammered from yesterday. I guess that this is the pay-back for having such a great run yesterday. I still think that it was worth it!

Sunday: 14.1mi (101:48) I felt alright today, but I am still not recovered from the hill workout on Friday. This is the first long run that I just ran a comfortable pace every step and did not try to push at all. It was kind of nice.

Completed: 75.3 miles

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