Monday, June 6, 2011


I got a little behind on updating the running blog but finished the week with 69 miles. This is quite a jump from what I have been doing so I need to be careful for the next couple of weeks.

: 10.3mi (72:44) Speaking of stepping up my game, I was going to start morning runs today but when I got out of bed my calves were so sore from yesterday. I put it off to tomorrow.
  • AM: 8.5mi (61:20) Wanted to get it out of the way before the heat settled in.
  • PM: 3mi (21:40) I stopped in the woods in Groton on the way home from work for my first double. I really love running on the trails because it is so much cooler, it forces you to run light on your feet so that you do not turn your ankle (there are a lot of rocks and roots) and it forces you to get some lateral motion in. I finished off the run with 5 strides.
  • AM: 3mi (22:40) Really slow run. Pretty tired.
  • PM: 7mi () Track workout tonight - 2.2mi warmup, 3x1 mile @ 10k pace with 400m rest and then 2 mile cooldown. It was REALLY hot tonight and I do not run well in the heat so I did not have high expectations. My plan was to cruise 5:20 pace for each and take it easy but things went a bit off course. My splits and rests were: 5:13 (2:29), 5:18 (2:51), 2:41. I felt great the first one, tried to slow down to goal pace the second one and was dying of the heat and bailed after 800m on the third. Overall it was a good workout but it was a bit painful due to the heat. I was totally wiped after the workout and went to be at 9PM. I am planning on running the USATF NE 10k on Sunday and wanted to get a better feel for 10k pace. 5:20 should be doable considering that it will be 60 degrees at race time, not 90 degrees.
Thursday: 10mi (74:48) This was just an easy regeneration run. I ended up on the treadmill, to my great dismay, because I did not want to deal with the storms or the heat and humidity. I actually felt really good today despite the beating my body took in the workout yesterday. It must have been the 10 hours of sleep last night and the air conditioned gym.
Friday: 10mi (72:30) Slow easy run.
Saturday: 5.2mi (36:44) Easy run to loosen up for tomorrow. I am pretty tired from standing around in the cold rain all day at Samuel's track meet. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.
Sunday: 12mi (76:41) I was supposed to race today but just did not feel like driving 2 hours to race. Instead I did a progression run today and did a 400m on the track at 5k pace after 6mi (69 seconds) and after 12mi (70 seconds) to get the fast twitch muscles involved. Finished with a couple strides.

Completed: 69 miles

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