Sunday, June 5, 2011


This week was alright. I hit a new high weekly mileage of 57.4mi in 6 days but I had to skip the track workout again (because of weather this time) and had a crappy race. Going into Rhody I felt that, based on the workouts so far, if I ran sub-16 I would be happy. This was my first race in almost 2 years so I did not want to set too high of a goal. However, I ran 16:24 and just could not move. I am trying not to get too disappointed because this is exactly how my season started out two years ago (ran 16:28 for my first race) and I finished the season running 15:10 just 5 weeks and seven races later. I am not doing the same volume as I was back then so maybe I have to step up my game if I want to run fast.

Monday: 10mi (68:14) Felt great in the beginning of the run but it was 90 degrees and I fell apart the last 2 miles.
Tuesday: 7.6mi (55:53) A bit tired from yesterday.
Wednesday: 0 - I did not run because of the crazy tornado warnings up here. Second week in a row that I missed the workout ...
Thursday: 10mi (64:49) Wanted to get in a little quality. I ran an out and back and did the first half easy (33:20 at turn) and then gradually dropped to 6min pace for the last 3 miles.
Friday: 10mi (68:28) Easy recovery run.
Saturday: 5.3mi (37:29) Easy run to rest for tomorrow's race.
Sunday: Did the Rhody 5k in RI. 3 mi warm-up over the course (22:10), 5k race in 16:24 (horrible!), 3.5 mile cool down solo (26:13) + 5 mile cool down with the Greater Boston guys (37:31). 14.5mi total.

Completed: 57.4 miles

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