Sunday, November 9, 2008

Miles For Week = 55.5

It is sad that I was running more than twice this just a month ago, but not bad for the first week back and just 6 days of running.

: 12.25 (?) I forgot the watch today so I have no idea about time, but I know it was 12.25mi since I ran at Mine Falls Park again. This was my first run over 6 miles in over a month, since my injury, and I felt really good for the first 10 miles. I felt a slight discomfort in my shin at that point so I shut it down to 7:30 pace and just cruised back to the car. It is not a real pain and does not hurt enough to make me stop running (like when it first happened), but it is slightly tender and I feel the "creeking" as I dorsiflex my foot. I will do tomorrow on the elliptical to let it calm down and I iced and took advil 3 times this afternoon.

I spent about 30-40 minutes working on my right leg with the foam roller and Stick. It made a huge difference because almost all of the tightness in my knee and IT band was gone and my range of motion in my knee increased by probably 5 degrees. I still have my MRI on Wednesday so I will know shortly after that if the knee pain is due to a meniscus tear or if it is just scar tissue. I am hoping that it is just scar tissue because I can work that out with friction massage and PT. We'll see.

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